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Donna O'Brien Designs Inc. is a thriving and successful Interior Decorating and Design Company established in 1998. Through our design experience and expertise, we have the capabilities to handle every aspect of a renovation, remodel or Interior Decorating project – from concept to completion. Working with our clients and using our creative vision, our goal is to provide uniquely designed spaces to enhance the interior or exterior of your home.

Aligned with the best in skilled trades, workrooms and artisans the final product reflects the needs and personalities of our clients. Our licensed and insured tradesmen understand our process and the level of finish expected, assuring your interior design project is executed with the highest quality of workmanship.


Before you can begin the design process you need to know your client. Understanding your client’s personal style and expectations is the critical element which initially drives the inspiration for the design style created. Careful planning, trust and a mutually respectful relationship contribute to the success of the project. Casual elegance is a term I have used often over the past 2 decades. Elegance, comfort and functionality always find their way into our designs!

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or call (905) 745 - 3554

or call (905) 745 - 3554

For Every Interior Decorating and Design Project, There are Specific Goals to Achieve:

To consistently keep the interests of our clients first

To create long term solutions to maximize value to the project

To provide uniquely designed spaces customized to each client

To facilitate the design process to assure our clients need are always met