Donna O'Brien

Before you can begin the design process you need to know your client. Understanding your client’s personal style and expectations is the critical element which initially drives the inspiration for the design style created. Careful planning, trust and a mutually respectful relationship contribute to the success of the project. Casual elegance is a term I have used often over the past 2 decades. Elegance, comfort and functionality always find their way into our designs!

A passion for good design, aesthetic vision and a collaborative approach to create beautiful interiors, has earned Donna OBrien the confidence and respect amongst her clients and the design community. With two decades of experience and expertise she continues to provide her clients designs that are innovative, personalized, and add value and pride of ownership to
their homes.

Donna O’Brien and her team work collaboratively with their clients to create interiors which reflect the client’s personal style incorporating all elements of design.

Donna is motivated and design driven. Throughout the process, while advocating for her clients, Donna works directly with contractors, workrooms and trades to oversee the every aspect of the project and provide direction while keeping everyone on time and on budget.

Donna O’Brien is an honours graduate who consistently updates her education through accredited design classes, seminars and learning sessions to increase her knowledge of the most current interior design trends and materials available.

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