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With Donna O’Brien Designs the Interior Decorating process is made easy! You may have some ideas but don’t know where to start to pull everything together. From a tailored design plan to the styling process, we are there to look after every detail and facilitate the process!

Every potential design project starts with a consultation. At the initial consultation we will discuss the scope of work, clients’ ideas, personal preferences and needs, style and colour, and how you intend to use the space. We will review your current interiors and discuss what changes and additions you are considering. It is important to discuss budget and timelines at this initial consultation. Once we make the decision to work together we can get started!

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With all of the necessary information gathered, required measurements and photos taken, we can move forward with constructing a creative design plan. Carefully considered space planning is critical to a well-designed space. Once these floor plans and necessary elevations are approved all of Materials necessary for the project are sourced. Fabrics, furniture, flooring, lighting, window treatments and accessories. This is when we put the personality on the project. This planning stage is critical to the outcome of the project. Once all of these materials have been approved we can start implementing our ideas.

Finally the completion of the Project! Time to sit back, settle in, and enjoy your newly decorated home!

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Project Management


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Donna OBrien Designs provides complete project management on all projects. Throughout the process, while advocating for our clients, we work directly with contractors, workrooms and trades to oversee the project and provide direction while keeping everyone on time and on budget.

Along with regular site visits, daily updates from contractors takes place. Materials, furniture and accessories are ordered, tracked and received. Our team will be there every step of the way to answer all of your questions, keep you well informed of the progress, coordinate scheduling and oversee the work to ensure the design plan is executed properly with the highest quality workmanship!

Deficiencies are to be expected in every project. At the end of the project, we walk through the renovated area and make a list of the deficiencies. Deficiencies will be handled as quickly as possible. We are committed to resolve all deficiencies that fall short of our clients’ and our own high expectations. Once all issues are resolved, a final follow-up will take place to insure client satisfaction.

Please visit our services and design process pages for more information!

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Space Planning

space planning

Space Planning is the core of any design project. All rooms are first and foremost functional spaces in which we live, entertain, sleep, eat, dress, bathe etc. If the room does not reach it first critical criteria of functionality – it really will not matter how beautiful it is. A design plan and layout is the critical first step of designing any space. Once the floor plan is created and the space is designed to meet the needs and functionality of you, our client.

Donna O’Brien Designs will provide design plans ,floor plans and space plans to include furnishings, if required, for your own implementation.

As an alternative our team will implement these plans using our team of experienced trades and industry suppliers we have developed strong relationships with over past several years.

space planning

The First Step

An interview with the client to determine their needs and the function of the room is necessary before any plans can be created. Our objective is to identify critical information about the space. It’s primary function, how it will be used, are there children to consider and their needs, pets in the home, are there any special needs or disabilities to consider, storage needs, is there adequate lighting, etc.

Second Step

  • Access the existing space, measurements, take photos.
  • Prepare an concept and design a floor plan to accommodate our clients requirements.
  • Prepare a furniture layout to include properly scaled furniture, case goods, built ins, entertainment needs, carpets, lighting and any other design element needed to complete the clients’ requests.

Third Step

  • Present design to the client
  • Turn these detailed comprehensive designs, space plans, and specifications over the the client to implement themselves
  • Alternatively Implement designs using Donna O’Brien Designs’ team


Concept + Design Plan

  • Permit Drawings | Interior Floor Plans | Tile patterns + Layouts
  • Millwork Drawings | Cabinetry Drawings | Specifications

Sourcing Materials

  • Cabinetry | Plumbing Fixtures | Lighting
  • Mouldings | Trim | Interior Doors | Windows | Hardware
  • Tile | Quartz | Stone | Glass | Mirror
  • Paint Colours | Wall Treatments
  • Furniture | Case goods | Artwork | Accessories

Project Management

  • Project Budgeting | Estimating | Purchasing
  • Consultations with Contractors | Suppliers | Architects | Trades | Workrooms
  • Regular Site Visits | Daily updates with Contractor
  • Regular Client Updates + Discussions

Please visit our Services and Design Process pages for more information!